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Our Calender

The 2014 Calendar is out. here is the link all events Primary Districts 2014[1]

Don’t forget to check the newsletter for all Pt Lonsdale PS sporting events.

Term 1;

Feb 24 Soccer – Vic Soccer Federation Gr P-4

Mar 17 Tag Rugby Melbourne Storm Ben James Gr P-4

Mar 28 Soccer Gala Day Gr5/6

Apr 1 Whole School Cross Country @ Pt Lonsdale – Parent Helpers Needed!!!!!

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Tennis Hot Shots

Our grade Prep-4 students have just completed their first ever Hotshots experience! The Istunbul Rally and Splat were favourite activities for the grade Preps and  grade 1’s.

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2013 Athletics Day Wrap Up

Here is a special report from our guest reporter Ella MT. Well Done Yellow House. A great team effort.

Superb job to all the students who participated in this year’s Sports Day, we all put in an extraordinary effort in all events and it really shows, don’t believe me check out the scores –

Green House 4th with a huge score of 148.

Red House 3rd with a flabbergasting turnout of 163.

And then there were two Yellow House and Blue House, scores were 183 and 212.

So in 2nd came Blue House with an astonishing 183.

And taking out 1st was Yellow House with a gobsmacking score of 212.

Wow it’s been 14 years since yellow house won and I wish I could thank all of you! I’d like to say that I led you to victory but without you amazing people this could never have happened.

Yellow, yellow we’re so fast,

Yellow, yellow we won’t be last!

As you can see from the results everyone did their best and we are so proud!

Thank you all the teachers, students and parents for helping out and supporting us the whole way.

Congratulations to all houses and students for an amazing run this year and you lucky parents own some sweet competitors!

-Ella M T, Yellow House Captain.


Hotshots Program

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You Did it!We have finally come to the end of our 2013 hotshots program. Itumbul Rally and Splat Have been favourite games for our Grade Prep and One Children. Our Grade 3 and 4 children created games their own rules for Backyard Blitz.  Alot of fun was had by all.

Would you like to do it again next year?

Don’t forget to register for your free Tshirt

Well Done grade Prep and One!



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Grade five and six game making.

Wow, the time where I get to see how creative our upper school students can be is here!. Our grade 5 & 6 students are creating games for us to use during our Physical Education sessions. I have enjoyed looking at their planning and can’t wait to see these games in action.

Good Luck everyone! have a go at these reflection questions when you have finished.


1. How would you make some of these games more challenging for different age groups?
2. What part of your demonstration and explanation would you change if you were to present this again?

3. Will you see yourself teaching when you finish high school? Why/why not? 

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2013 Cross Country

Our Cross Country has been run and won!

Congratulations to all students who completed todays event and also those who will be representing our school next Wednesday 1st May in Barwon Heads. You can find your results in the results tab. We have 57 students representing our school, which is a marvelous effort from 94 runners.

To be eligible to compete the times you need are:

7/8/9/10 Boys 18:00 minutes or under

Girls 18:30 minutes or under

11/12/13  Boys 15:00 minutes or under

Girls 15:30 minutes or under.

Hannah will be creating some wonderful films from the day which will be posted later……………watch this space.

Parent helpers are wanted on the day, so if you have some free time next week please let Ms Henderson know.

Grade Prep – Grade Two Results

Gr 2 Boys 1st Max R, 2nd Tanner C, 3rd Callum T

Gr 2 Girls 1st Elise F, 2nd Kailah K, 3rd Sabrina H

Gr 1 Boys 1st Tyler M, 2nd Bill M, 3rd Harry C

Gr 1 Girls Taya M, 2nd Caitlin – Rose G, 3rd Bella G

Gr P Boys 1st Jordan M, 2nd Angus L, 3rd Manny M


Did you complete the course in your fastest time?

What strategies did you use to focus yourself in this event?

Why is Aerobic fitness important in this event?

How can we prepare our team for the Peninsula District Cross Country?

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2013 what does this year have in store?

Hi Everyone,
This years Physical Education program will be jam packed with fitness, games, individual pursuits and inter school sports competition.
Our grade 3/4/5 and 6 children will be fulfilling their role as Captain during their practical lessons looking for outstanding participation, skill practice, leadership and persistence within their peers.
Fitness, games, and the effects of exercise on their body is what our lower school will be doing during 2013.
Health and Physical Education Week will held during the second week of term 3. watch this space for more details.
Follow this link for more details

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Riley and Daisy – Columbine House Captains Report

Columbine Sails to Victory!
On Tuesday the 29th of November an amazing thing happened. After much jumping, throwing, sprinting and even Kath & Kim walking races, the results were revealed. It was very close between the houses and extremely nerve-wracking for the house captains and members of the houses. On an awesome 181 points came Glenuse (Green House), then, on a fantastic 183 came Sacremento (Yellow House), on an incredible 213 points came Corsair (Red House) but the winners of the day on an unbelievable 233 points was Columbine (Blue house). The highlight of the day had to be Jarrod, who won a first ribbon in the Kath & Kim walking race. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Henderson for organising the whole day. Thank you also to the teachers and parents who helped as well as the students for trying their hardest. Finally, thank you to everyone who showed up and helped to cheer their houses on. Everyone did a fantastic job and we hope that everyone is proud of what they achieved whether they won a ribbon or not.
Riley and Daisy. Blue House Captains

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School Sports Day


All of a sudden the bell goes everyone rushes outside to their age groups for house sports. It was amazing, all the colour that everyone was wearing. The events were high jump, egg and spoon race, limbo, shot put, long jump, 100m sprints, relays, and a long distance run which was optional. Well done to the people that did it.

We would also like to thank the parents that came and helped out and supported us in the relays. Thank you to Mrs Henderson for setting up sports day. We all had a great time and everyone tried their hardest. Well done to blue house for winning this year, everyone in blue house tried very hard, and so did everyone else.


What did you think of house sports?


What house are you in?


Did you have fun?


What was your favourite event?

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Health and Activity Week 2012

From our Reporters – Anna T and Jaz L.
Last week was Health and Activity Week at our school; students have had a challenge trying to complete an active challenge card. These are some of the things students had to do , climb through Charlotte’s web ten times touching the ground with your hand, run around the oval five times, one hundred skips and if you stop you have to start from one again. . . At the end of the week we drew out names from the junior and senior and they got to choose prize that helps them keep active such as netball, basketball, hand ball, and hat or drink bottle. Most people handed in at least one entry. All students tried their hardest. Everyone did very well, and we hope to do this physical, active week next year.

Health and PE week

It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic everyone was about this event………..I hope it is as successful nest year. Ms Henderson

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Peninsula District Athletics Carnival 2012

With all this wild weather we have been experiencing lately, Ms Henderson was very worried that our Athletics Carnival would be postponed (as with many of our other sporting events this year). Thankfully the wind didn’t blow us away and the rain was saved for later in the afternoon.

Pt Lonsdale Primary School Students have made our teachers and parents very proud with the level of enthusiasm shown on the day. We had many discussions about nervous energy  and how it can help you perform. Stiving for your personal best when you are performing a new skill can be quite challenging for some, so its great to see so many people cheering and celebrating each others acvievements.

Some students have made it through to the Bellarine Division competition for the first time, while other participants performed so well they had to make some tough decisions and choose which events they would represent our school in. We wish them luck. This event will be held on Monday the 17th September, at Landy Field.

Q. Which event did you achieve your personal best in?

Q. Who did you see doing a great job at our Athletics carnival?

Q. Do you have any tips for next years grade 3’s who will be having a go next year for the first time?

Jachob, Riley, Jarrod, Sam and Dean some of our Grade 6 students who will be moving onto represent their secondary school next year.

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