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Peninsula District Athletics Carnival 2012

With all this wild weather we have been experiencing lately, Ms Henderson was very worried that our Athletics Carnival would be postponed (as with many of our other sporting events this year). Thankfully the wind didn’t blow us away and the rain was saved for later in the afternoon.

Pt Lonsdale Primary School Students have made our teachers and parents very proud with the level of enthusiasm shown on the day. We had many discussions about nervous energy  and how it can help you perform. Stiving for your personal best when you are performing a new skill can be quite challenging for some, so its great to see so many people cheering and celebrating each others acvievements.

Some students have made it through to the Bellarine Division competition for the first time, while other participants performed so well they had to make some tough decisions and choose which events they would represent our school in. We wish them luck. This event will be held on Monday the 17th September, at Landy Field.

Q. Which event did you achieve your personal best in?

Q. Who did you see doing a great job at our Athletics carnival?

Q. Do you have any tips for next years grade 3’s who will be having a go next year for the first time?

Jachob, Riley, Jarrod, Sam and Dean some of our Grade 6 students who will be moving onto represent their secondary school next year.

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