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Gymnastics Lonny Style!

This term all grade P-2 kids have been rolling, balancing, jumping, springing and landing. Check out some of the routines we have made.


  1. Wow! How talented is this group of gymnasts? I so enjoyed watching this group showing off all the skills they have learnt in P.E. Look out Olympic Games 2016/2020!!
    Congratulations to all students, Ms. Henderson and the person on camera!
    Regards Mrs V 🙂

    • Well Mrs V, these Gymnasts have been working really hard. I am very proud of what they have been doing and hope they can build onto their learning least year with some more complex moves. Who knows we might see them in the Olympics one day.
      Ms Henderson

  2. Hi Everybody It’s Lucy,
    I love your wonderful gym.
    You all looked like you were having fun.
    What were they all called?
    From Lucy

    • Hi Lucy,
      Hopefully We will get some of the P-2 Kids to write an entry about the gymnastics program and they can share what they have learnt during the year. They have been doing lots of different rolls, springs and landings. oh, and balances where they stand really still.
      Ms Henderson

  3. Hi

    Your blog is going well. I like it.

    The gymnastics are funnyest and cute.

    The vidio is cool.

    Do you like the action on the gymnastics?

    Bye Jessica

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