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Health and Activity Week 2012

From our Reporters – Anna T and Jaz L.
Last week was Health and Activity Week at our school; students have had a challenge trying to complete an active challenge card. These are some of the things students had to do , climb through Charlotte’s web ten times touching the ground with your hand, run around the oval five times, one hundred skips and if you stop you have to start from one again. . . At the end of the week we drew out names from the junior and senior and they got to choose prize that helps them keep active such as netball, basketball, hand ball, and hat or drink bottle. Most people handed in at least one entry. All students tried their hardest. Everyone did very well, and we hope to do this physical, active week next year.

Health and PE week

It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic everyone was about this event………..I hope it is as successful nest year. Ms Henderson


  1. Dear Ms Hendeson
    Its Leilani and Jaz here. We hope that next year we can have this day again if we do i’m sure everyone will try their hardest again. i am sure we all enjoyed it.
    whitch one do you think was the hardest?
    From Jaz and Leilani 🙂 🙂 🙂
    PS we love SPORT!

    • HiGirls,
      I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the Athletics Day. I also hope we can do it again next year. I was very impressed by everyones enthusiasm. I think the Limbo would be quite challenging for some people, especially the really tall kids in our school like Seb for instance.

      Ms Henderson

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