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School Sports Day


All of a sudden the bell goes everyone rushes outside to their age groups for house sports. It was amazing, all the colour that everyone was wearing. The events were high jump, egg and spoon race, limbo, shot put, long jump, 100m sprints, relays, and a long distance run which was optional. Well done to the people that did it.

We would also like to thank the parents that came and helped out and supported us in the relays. Thank you to Mrs Henderson for setting up sports day. We all had a great time and everyone tried their hardest. Well done to blue house for winning this year, everyone in blue house tried very hard, and so did everyone else.


What did you think of house sports?


What house are you in?


Did you have fun?


What was your favourite event?


  1. hi i think that school sports day was awsome i am in yellow
    house i won no first but i won a second and thirds
    from alexis

    • Hi Alexis,

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts about the day. Im glad you enjoyed it. Did you enjoy competing against your friends? What was your favorite event? I hope you are looking forward to next years event. You will be a little bigger and stronger which will help you run a little faster and jump a little higher.
      Ms Henderson

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