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Riley and Daisy – Columbine House Captains Report

Columbine Sails to Victory!
On Tuesday the 29th of November an amazing thing happened. After much jumping, throwing, sprinting and even Kath & Kim walking races, the results were revealed. It was very close between the houses and extremely nerve-wracking for the house captains and members of the houses. On an awesome 181 points came Glenuse (Green House), then, on a fantastic 183 came Sacremento (Yellow House), on an incredible 213 points came Corsair (Red House) but the winners of the day on an unbelievable 233 points was Columbine (Blue house). The highlight of the day had to be Jarrod, who won a first ribbon in the Kath & Kim walking race. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Henderson for organising the whole day. Thank you also to the teachers and parents who helped as well as the students for trying their hardest. Finally, thank you to everyone who showed up and helped to cheer their houses on. Everyone did a fantastic job and we hope that everyone is proud of what they achieved whether they won a ribbon or not.
Riley and Daisy. Blue House Captains

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