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2013 Athletics Day Wrap Up

Here is a special report from our guest reporter Ella MT. Well Done Yellow House. A great team effort.

Superb job to all the students who participated in this year’s Sports Day, we all put in an extraordinary effort in all events and it really shows, don’t believe me check out the scores –

Green House 4th with a huge score of 148.

Red House 3rd with a flabbergasting turnout of 163.

And then there were two Yellow House and Blue House, scores were 183 and 212.

So in 2nd came Blue House with an astonishing 183.

And taking out 1st was Yellow House with a gobsmacking score of 212.

Wow it’s been 14 years since yellow house won and I wish I could thank all of you! I’d like to say that I led you to victory but without you amazing people this could never have happened.

Yellow, yellow we’re so fast,

Yellow, yellow we won’t be last!

As you can see from the results everyone did their best and we are so proud!

Thank you all the teachers, students and parents for helping out and supporting us the whole way.

Congratulations to all houses and students for an amazing run this year and you lucky parents own some sweet competitors!

-Ella M T, Yellow House Captain.


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