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by kerriehend

State Football Trials Update

Congratulations to Riley H who successfully progressed though to the top 40 students in the Victorian School Boys Australian Rules Football Trials. We at Pt Lonsdale Primary School (and his family I’m sure) are very impressed by his efforts and show of persistence in making it through the selection process which looked at his fitness, skills, understanding of the game along with his ability to work with others.

Well Done Riley!!

by kerriehend

Bellarine Division Cross Counrty Eastern Gardens

What wonderful weather we had for today’s Cross Country. Our School has four representatives heading into the next round of competition in the Barwon Zone Cross Country. Head over to the student achievement page to see the results from today’s competition. There is also information that students will need for the next round of competition. I would Like to say thank you to Aiden’s Dad who helped out as an official.

If you went today tell us about it.

What was your goal you set yourself?

Would you like to compete again?

Do you have any words of encouragement for Harry G, Max A, Geordi W, Eathan K and Jachob D?

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Our District Cross Country has been run and won! Well done to all involved. Please check our Students acheivements page to see your time.

Then next round of competition (Bellarine Division) will be held on Tues 29th May Eastern Gardens.

Q. What did you think of your achievements today?

Q. How do you like to train for these events?

Q. If you have been to the Bellarine Division Cross Country at Eastern Gardens before, what tips could you give people competing for the first time?

Please leave a comment Gr3/4/5/6.

Ms Henderson.

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Whole School Cross Country – Tuesday April 24th

Wow! Is it this time of year already?

Our Cross Country will be held in the second week of term two (the day before ANZAC Day). This is a good opportunity for students to work on achieving their personal best results and improve on their efforts from last year. Our Junior school will be competing in their mini CC. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Our School Captains and House Captains will be roaming the Junior course and providing support.

Students are encouraged to prepare themselves for the event by running with friends or family members. This ties in with the requirements of the Premiers Active Families Challenge 2012.

This is a great lead up into preparing upper school students for the Peninsula District CC to Be held later in the term.

by kerriehend
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Premier’s active families challenge update.

Our school entries are going well with 26 students across our grades taking part. So far grade 6students are leading the challenge with 6 entries. Grade preps are coming second with 5 entries. Unfortunately there are no entries from grade 4, but I hope this changes in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone is making an effort with their families to keep active. Even in this windy weather!!


by kerriehend
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Run with Thomas

On Sunday Ms Henderson went to the Run with Thomas to support the Kids + Charity. While I was there I ran into many of our students contributing to the day. Helen and Christian said “hello” and were busy looking at all the stalls. There were many kids participating in the event which was great to see. Many children ran so fast that they beat Thomas back to the station.

Does anyone know who the KIDS+ charity helps in the community?

Here is Charlie and Bill after they participated in the 5 year old age group.

Well done Bill and Charlie.

by kerriehend

Premiers active families challenge

Have you entered the challenge join here

My goal is for our school to have at least 10 families involved. Ms Henderson, Rod, Charlie and even little Skye have entered. You can do anything – walk the dog, go for a swim, run around the block, mow the lawn, ballet lessons or even footy training.

Dont forget that if you enter our school can win some fabulous prizes.

Leave a comment when your family has joined.

by kerriehend
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Swimming Results

Congratulations to all of our swimming team who braved the elements to compete in last weeks Bellarine Division Swimming. Check out the Student Achievement page for results link.

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Geelong Cats Football Clinic

Grade 3/4 students please comment about the session you participated in with the Geelong football club players.

  1. Did you enjoy the session?
  2. What skills did you practice?
  3. Who did you work with?
  4. Who were your instructors for the day?
  5. Who is the best football team in the world? (clue – we are black and white)
  6. Could you use any of these skills you have practiced in any tohter sports?

Thanks Miss Henderson.



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Grade 5/6 Soccer

Our teams for the Peninsula Soccer Round Robin have been finalised. Our school will be sending 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams.

Children should bring their own drink, hat, sunscreen, and snacks fo rthe day. Participants will be returning to school by 12.45pm.

We have one more week of game play, strategies to learn and filed positions to have a run in. Who wants to be the goalie?

by kerriehend

Grade 3/4 Geelong Footbal Club visit March 5th 2012

All of our grade 3 and 4 students will have the opportunity to participate in a football clinic this coming Monday. Following discussions with players, children will be developing their football skills with some of the best Geelong has to offer. What a great experience……….Even if some of us dont follow GFC. Go Pies!

by kerriehend
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Grade 5 & 6 Soccer Round Robin

Our students will have the opportunity to show their skills at this years Soccer Round Robin on March 21st. Both girls and boys will be representing our school.We wish them the best of luck.

by kerriehend


Welcome to our new blog, we hope you enjoy being part of our learning here at Pt Lonsdale PS. Our Physical Education program is just one of the curriculum areas we participate in regularly.

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