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Welcome to our SEPEP program. This is an opportunity for you to experience different roles people undertake in clubs. These could be sprorting clubs for children, local fishing clubs or even a book club.

What roles do people fulfil in clubs to make them successful?

What skills do club members need to have to ensure the success of their club?

Who are more important, the players or spectators? Why have you formed this belief?

Please leave your comments here.

Round One

How did your team ensure everyone was involved in the running of your club today?

What would you like to see your club improve on for next weeks competition?

Round Two

Who will our winners be This week?

which team is successfully managing themselves


  1. The winners of this week (in teebal) were the wainbow aminals.
    This match we were doing OK at managing ourselves, but some teams definitely would be managing well, like the undefeated knights!
    From Sam B.

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your comment. I wonder how the Knights will go in next weeks competition………….who knows.

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